C090 New Himalayan Handmade Singing Bowl (A# & E) 0.32kg 4.4 inches Third Eye solar chakra


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Purchase one of our unique handmade Himalayan Singing bowls. This is made in Kathmandu, Nepal by Master singing bowl makers. Every bowl has a unique sound. We aim to give you a personal experience of the bowl through the individual photo and video of the bowl.

This is a small sized Nepalese Handmade singing bowl. It weights 0.327kg and is 4.4 inches in diameter.  It has a note A# (4th octave- 479hz) & E (6th Octave- 1351hz) . The fundamental Note is the A# which represents the Third Eye Chakra. There are note E harmonics of the bowl which represent Solar Chakra.

The bowl comes with a cushion 0 ring of random colour and a small size suede ringer  (which is used to play the bowl around the rim).

Listen to the bowl below



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