CH1802 18 Inch Chau Gong Tam Tam Special Gold Edition


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18 inch chau gong tam tam sound therapy instrument

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The Chau gong or tam tam is a Chinese gong. It is different from a wind gong which is much lighter and thinner. The Chau Gong has a longer and deeper sound and sustain than a wind gong. The larger Chau Gongs generally have a  longer sustain and deeper sound than the smaller ones. The smaller 18 to 24 Inch Gongs are great to use handheld and the larger gongs are great to use as a static gong on stands.

This is a special edition Chau Gong which is all bronze colour. It has the same sound quality as the Chau gongs which have a black circle around the rim and middle. This gong has been lathered and polished to give all gold appearance.

The Chau Gong is 80% Copper and 20% Tin. The sound of the gong will grow with you with time and practice.

This gong is great for Yoga Teachers, Reiki Practicioners, Music Bands, Holistic Therapists, Sound Therapists Or simply as a ornament in your house.

18″ Chau Gong includes Small & Medium  Gong Mallet .

THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A STAND. Cheap Stands are available online. Please contact me for any suggestions.


Experience the sound of this amazing Chau Gong. We offer a unique and personalised service of uploading a video of each and every gong we own. It is easy to purchase a gong online, but to listen and see it in action is a different thing. Even though you are not playing the gong in person, we aim to bring you close to this experience with our unique product video.  See the video below to listen to the Gong you will purchase.