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Download our comprehensive Ebook and 2 Guided Meditations from the course for FREE. Simply fill out your name and email in the billing section during checkout and complete the order to get your free download links (don’t worry it’s priced at £0.00, so you don’t pay a penny!).

A comprehensive course with 13 different meditation techniques covering the following;
  1. Setting your Intention through Gong Intention Process
  2. Posture for Meditation
  3. Abdominal Breathing
  4. Lower Dantien/Hara Breathing (Energy Breathing)
  5. Mindfulness of the breath meditation on abdomen area
  6. Mindfulness of the breath meditation on nostril area
  7. Mindfulness of the breath meditation on the whole body breath
  8. Third Eye Meditation
  9. Heart Centre Meditation On Emotional Body With Crystal Singing Bowls
  10. Aum Mantra Meditation
  11. Meditations on Impermanence
  12. Self Inquiry, Who am I?
  13. Resting as Awareness


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