Meditation 4 All

Earth Peace Meditation

This meditation practice is to radiate our goodwill and love towards ourselves, the whole world, to all beings and to the entire existence. Doing this meditation we begin to discover these innate qualities of unconditional love, peace,joy and compassion within us. It doesn’t matter if we are regarded as a saint or sinner, as we have these universal qualities within our very existence.

There are many ways in which we can practice this technique. The simplest being, sending our feelings of goodwill, love,  and peace to all. Other techniques involve using affirmations, and visualization, imagination and concentration. You may combine these different techniques through experimentation and devise your own practice for world peace. You may also wish to practice this as a formal sitting or throughout the day.

First we may wish our selves goodwill and  unconditional love to all the different aspects of ourselves. in this way, we heal our whole being and experience the underlying current of love in existence itself.Then we naturally overflow and share this love and goodwill to others.


3 Responses to "Earth Peace Meditation"

I once through google search came accross Guruji in youtube wherein he was teaching the technique of earth peace meditation.I too joined the group and started to follow the meditation technique.Though it was a small clip, still I followed the technique. The other day I could realise the power of this meditation.Now I want to give this system full time. Request you brotherly to upload the video ASAP.

I will be uploading a guided meditation for earth peace, but it is my own version and not of guruji. Thanks for the interest.gvb

[…] There is a spiritual adventurer and beautiful servant of humanity who is a beacon, a lighthouse over in the UK in Leicester. He has a fabulous website and blog called Meditation 4 All. What’s great about it is that you don’t have to live in Leicester or England, or the UK for that matter. Priyesh aims to provide spiritual evolution and as he call it . . .Meditation 4 All. The name is what it is! Very Zen. There all kinds of beautiful things to explore. Such as; children’s meditation, Awareness Meditations for breath, feelings, mind  and more. Relaxation exercises and a wonderful Earth Peace Meditation. […]

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