Moving from Superficiality to Spirituality – the Journey back home

In the depths of the mind we always feel a lacking and a sense of belonging to something permanently. This sense of lacking and looking for fulfilment to be whole happens to the whole human race. In terms of society, we look for fulfilment in relationships, money, power, position, security, and possessions. The spiritual seeker is also looking for fulfilment in religious dogmas, meditation, yoga and the 101 other things they believe in to become whole. However, this fulfilment, sense of permanent wholeness is never found. We always seek for the other or something to fulfil us and make us whole, even clinging to spiritual practices in belief we will be whole.


The absurdity of this situation is that a separate entity, “I” as the mind and body is trying to achieve wholeness. The only way to come to a state of peace and realization is to see that the very “I” as a separate individual is the obstacle as you are already whole. Realizing you are the goal of your so-called fulfillment and search we can finally relax and be at peace as our self. Therefore the only thing needed is to be able to see our thoughts of desires, emotions without aversion or clinging and allow them to arise and disappear in their own manner. This very seeing creates a space where we can realize our true nature. We become aware, we are the very awareness itself, the very consciousness itself. We are like the sky which can contain clouds but is beyond clouds and is not limited or disturbed by them. As such thoughts and emotions arise in us, but we are aware of this and also infinitely beyond.The Sky can be full of clouds or can be clear, but it still remains the sky. Likewise we can be full of thoughts or can be empty of thoughts, either, or,knowing the true nature of ourselves, we remain as the self.

These truths if understood with the mind can confuse us and lead us to trying to justify them using logic and creating more thoughts. In the hearts of a mature seeker they will ring a bell in their hearts of a long forgotten remembrance. For such a seeker, reading and listening about our true nature slowly opens us up to experiencing this reality. For such a seeker trust and devotion in words which indicate truth or someone who has experienced themselves can guide the way. However, the journey can only be walked by the individual as it is he himself who has to become aware of himself.

For the person who reads about our true nature and becomes confused, the desire to know oneself over other material and psychological desires has to take priority. This can happen by introspection and contemplating if the desires you have fulfilled and are still seeking to fulfill have ever given you the lasting happiness we all consciously or unconsciously are looking for. Looking at our successes, we feel it was lacking and temporary in nature. Looking at our failures, we see regret and guilt has never helped us move beyond. The spiritual seeker now searches for a higher understanding beyond the duality of life by becoming open and receptive. To be joyful beyond reason, logic, motive, circumstances is the bath in which a seeker longs to remain in. For such a seeker yoga and meditation techniques can provide us a space where we can really investigate who we are. We become more aware of our body processes, thoughts and emotions. We become aware of our inner spaciousness and ability to witness things without mentally labelling and associating it with the past and future.

AS our witnessing capabilities grow we can see thoughts and emotions likes waves in an ocean. Arising and disappearing spontaneously and naturally but being the witness we are never stirred. Waves of thoughts and emotions can arise and dissipate but what we are remains. Realizing what we are is which always remains, creates us to remember the presence we are in this very moment.

 Now we think we exist as a separate entity, when looked into we disappear into presence, just presence residing in everything as everything.


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