Unconditional,eternal,all pervasive Love

To share our love to everyone unconditionally is the flowering of human existence and our own essential nature.

To share our joy and love without any reserve, only leads to a thousand fold increase in joy and love within ourselves.

To be reserved on sharing love is foolish, for we cannot lose anything by sharing unconditional love, we only lose our false expectations and beliefs of what love is…


10 thoughts on “Unconditional,eternal,all pervasive Love

  1. Really important stuff you’re talking about here – Love is the essence of everything. Very inspiring and insightful. Gives me some stuff to think about for my blog (www.mariewetmore.com).

  2. I agree whole-heartedly. Now if we could just put it into practice! Of course, that is what daily meditation is for–to make sure we align our actions with our higher-selves. Keep up with the work on meditation 4 all!

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