Relationships built in oneness

Being with a person you know or a complete stranger, drop all projections and expectations you have about them. If you notice any of your projections of that person and expectations about them based on past experiences, then LET THEM GO. Now just be with them without no projection of who they are and without expectations. Each time you notice a projection, judgment, or expectation about that person, LET IT GO…..Just being with them in openess and receptivity, see is there really a seperate “you” and “other”???

Allowing individuality to dissolve into aware presence…the oneness present in this moment.

Just Be.

This can be done with any object, a tree, flower, table, moon, whatever you like!


9 thoughts on “Relationships built in oneness

  1. thepostic

    Excellent post! What a universal idea, too. I believe that most of our lives we are projecting and expecting rather than appreciating and experiencing. When we are talking with other people, we are always thinking about how we will respond. When we are reading what others write, we are thinking about what will come next. People rarely live completely in the moment.

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