Live Sound Bath Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Shammanic drumming you should be able to download this mp3 of the live recording by clicking this link)

This is from the Sound Bath Meditation held in Leicester (UK) on the 29.12.13 . This is a unedited version, so please ignore the background coughs etc.

Allow yourself to let go into the sounds, bringing you back to your own healing space within. Recognising your true inner voice, reflecting your true inner essence. Bringing you greater harmony, peace and integration of all aspects of your being.

These events occur every month in a group environment in Leicester (UK). See for more events or


0.00 -3.00 – Tuning forks

03.15- 21.20 – crystal singing bowls

21.20 – 23.00 – crystal bowls and moon gong

23.00-31.00 – moon gong g#

31.20-45.00 – Paiste 38″ symphonic gong

45.00-55.00 – Paiste moon gong and symphonic

55.15-1.01 – Therapy Monochord

1.03.15 – end Shammanic drumming and Silence

Enjoy and Happy new year!


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