Guided Meditation With gongs, Crystal Singing bowls and Self Inquiry (10.10.2014)

This is a live recording from a guided meditation class which took place in Leicester, UK. You can watch the video on youtube or download the mp3 from the link below. Please use headphones for the best sound quality of the instruments.

You can access and download the mp3 file by clicking the following link

Guided Meditation time is 52 mins;

  1. 2.45 – Gong Meditation ( gong played around room)
  2. 7.15 – Crystal Bowl Meditation
  3. 12.15 – Guided meditation for breath awareness and third eye chakra meditation
  4. 23.00- Silent meditation period
  5. 31.30 – start of self inquiry and contemplative meditation
  6. 51.30 – End of Meditation.

Enjoy the Meditation.

We will be starting Live online broadcast guided meditation on google hangout soon. This may be a weekly Wednesday slot. To check out these events see ;



If you have any questions about the meditations you can email me at . See the website OR for upcoming events in the UK. Like us on facebook at Or youtube channel


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