Live Broadcast Guided Meditation

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The broadcast will start at 7.30pm BST (time zone) . The meditation will start promptly so log on a few minutes earlier. If you arrive late you should also be able to rewind the video or watch a recorded version on our google + or youtube page. You do not require a webcam or mic to attend. We will be only showing video feedback of the instruments at the start and then switching the webcam off (audio only) once the guided meditation starts.

This is the first guided meditation to be done on google hangout. The hangout will start promptly with the sounds of crystal singing bowls and then move onto a guided meditation. There will be instructions for two different techniques;
1. Being aware of your natural breath by noticing the sensations of the breath at the nostril or naval area. Watching the in and out breath.
2. Placing your attention at the point in between the eyebrows and noticing the sensations there.

You may practice any of these techniques. Further instructions will be given . If you practice any other technique you may also join us. There will be a period of silence for 10-15 mins in between the guided meditation. This will be followed by contemplations, insights and a process of self inquiry. This part of the guided meditation will allow us to contemplate and experience who we essentially are.

Try it now;
–notice whatever experience is occurring in this moment. Notice whatever sensation, thoughts, feeling or sensory experience is taking place in this moment.
-notice these experiences are continually shifting and changing form
-what is aware of these experiences? what remains untouched and unchanged even when these experiences (thoughts, sensations) are continually arising and passing? what is aware? who is aware? who are you?

We may take some questions at the end of the session and get some feedback on the hangout. If this something which is beneficial we will continue to hold weekly hangouts for group meditation. The hangout will last for around 1 hour and include 30-40mins of meditation.

Here is a link to our google+ pages
An example of the meditation format and techniques;

Meditation4all currently run group meditation classes in Leicester, England.


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