Live Soundscape meditation with Gongs, Singing bowls, Drums ( Nov 2014)

Here is a link to the mp3 file soundscape Meditation nov14  soundscape Meditation nov14

Live Sound Meditation from Leicester , UK. Please wear headphones for best quality. Audio volume may decrease and increase at some points due to instruments being moved around the room.

Here is a listing of the different times instruments are played;
0.20- tuning forks
1.30-Crystal singing bowls
11.30- Paiste Gongs (Sun, moon and symphonic)
23.00- Tibetan Singing bowls
28.00- Gongs
34.00- C# monochord
38.30- Gongs
46 mins- Silence and guided meditation
52.30- Shamanic Drums
1hr 06 mins End

I hope you enjoy see our blog/website at or for events in Leicester, UK/. Thanks for watching


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