Benefits Of Meditation

Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are endless and reach every dimension of who we are. They reach the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual dimensions of who we are. Meditation is widely being used for its benefits to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation has been scientifically tested to decrease stress levels by many leading universities and other institutions. Doctors and healthcare professionals are now advising clients to practice meditation, because of these physical and mental benefits.

Meditation has profound effects on the body. These include;

1. Removal of toxins in the body and increase in oxygen intake – This occurs as our
breathing becomes deeper and more efficient as we practice certain types of
meditation and breath control (Pranayama) .

2. Lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease

3. Meditation decrease inflammatory diseases – Stress is a major factor in many of
the inflammatory diseases such as psoriases.

4. Improves immune system and energy levels in the body

5. Improves sleep

6. Sensory Organs become more receptive

Meditation has these effects on the mind;

1. You become aware of your unconscious thought processes and conditionings – You are able to let go of old beliefs, habits, traumas and negative emotions.

2. Increase in concentrations and ability to focus your attention.

3. Increase in Willpower and ability to not be subdued by negative habits

4. Reduces stress and makes us more resilient to deal with stressful events

5. Improves memory, creative abilities, decision making and problem solving- Meditation has been shown to increase the grey matter in the brain linked with these mental processes.

6. Improves learning ability in children and adults – This is as meditation takes us to Alpha brain wave states which make us more open and receptive to information.

7. Helps to decrease depressions, anxiety and panic attacks

8. Ability to consciously access beneficial brain waves such as Alpha, Theta and Delta brain waves.

You may practice meditation only to experience these benefits on a physical or mental level, but as you deepen your practice you see many more benefits in daily life. Meditation also has a profound effect on our relationships, how we perceive the world, and many spiritual benefits. These include;

1. Increase in emotional balance and intelligence – You are able to be in control of emotions without suppressing them and instead being able to non judgementally accept and witness emotions as a movement of energy within the body-mind.

2. You experience the richness of your present moment experience without the normal veiling of our limited perception.

3. The ups and downs of your life will have less of an impact on the clarity of your mind.

4. You are able to experience your life through the many roles/identities you hold whilst still recognising your deeper essence as beyond a personal identity.

5. You come in touch with your faculties of intuition, psychic abilities and higher intelligence.

6. Your become more empathetic and can relate with others more easily

7. Your relationships improve as your become aware of how we judge and label ourselves and others through our own memories and belief systems.

8. You experience spontaneous moments of compassion, gratitude, unconditional love and oneness with all of existence.

9. You discover the subtle mechanics of your own body, mind, nature and creation.

10. Your relationships with people become much deeper and less superficial.

11. Yours thoughts, speech, actions will be in balanced and in line with each other.

Meditation changes many layers of ourselves, which then naturally reflects to the people around us. We start living with a holistic perspective of life which starts affecting the psyche of people around us. In this way we reflect peace, harmony, love, balance, truth and wisdom outside on to others and to the collective consciousness.

May meditation be used as a tool to transform ourselves and shine peace in the world!