About The Founder

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About The Founder

Priyesh Kataria

Priyesh is a insightful teacher of meditation, Sound therapy, Reiki and others alternative healing modalities. He seeks to share the benefits of meditation and sound therapy through his group classes, online courses, blog and Youtube presence. His purpose is to help people recognise their own deeper truth through the practice of meditation.

Priyesh was born in the UK and was brought up in the normal western culture. During his late teenage years, he felt a deep dissatisfaction with the life he was living and his projected future. He felt there was more to life than just his identity, career and the other projections of what a happy life is meant to be like. This is where his journey began by discovering mediation, holistic therapies and non-duality.

On his 21 st year, he was spontaneously pulled into a deep state of meditation where he contemplated on the nature of “who am I”. He had a insight into his true essential self which was universal in nature, as the very awareness and witness of all experience. This realisation led to a shift in his perspective as a separate person to recognising his essential nature transcends the limitation of a separate “I”. This led him to a 7 year period of deep introspection to imbibe this recognition. During this time he attended many silent retreats, travelled extensively in India and performed spiritual practices in many ashrams in India. Priyesh is now a family man with all the responsibilities that come with it. It is his intention to show that meditation and the recognition of one’s essential nature is not just for yogi’s in the mountains, but is something that should transpire wherever or in whatever circumstances you are in.

In 2012, he decided to share his presence, insights and meditation practice by creating a online blog, Youtube videos and starting group meditation classes in his community. He then trained in many alternative healing modalities including Reiki, Spiritual life coaching, and sound healing. His interest in using sound as a meditation tool, led to him using Gongs and singing bowls in his meditation classes. He quickly found that sound had a universal appeal and so he started running sound baths sessions regularly. These sound baths are now well attended and have benefited many people.

Priyesh is a intuitive, empathetic and compassionate person who has been working as a private therapist for severalyears. He has been using his experience in Meditation, Sound Healing, Spiritual Life coaching, Reiki and Non Duality philosophy to assist people in their journey within themselves. He has worked with Corporate Businesses to include meditation in their well being for employees and also with Miss Great Britain Contestants to help them deal with stress and stage fright. He has a intuitive ability to guide people into deep states of meditation and self recognition through his guided meditations with groups and individuals. He is able to transfer his own inner experience through the power of speech and presence to his students. He regularly conducts meditation classes in the community and is also
available for private bookings.

Priyesh is a qualified sound therapist with the Colour of Sound institute, has a level 3 Master Degree in Reiki, a qualified spiritual life coach with the holistic healing college(London) and an assistant yoga teacher with pyp patanjali yoga. He holds full public liability insurance held with holistic Gold.

Priyesh has the vision to create a meditation retreat centre and temple. He wishes to create a sacred space in which people can safely and supportively discover themselves through meditative practices. Priyesh also would like to share these profound practices to Children in Schools and has had a long term vision of starting his own school where the essential potential of the child is given the right atmosphere and stimulus to grow. He sees the future of the world depends on our ability to nurture our children’s innate potential. He also wishes to share his experience in Meditation, Sound and alternative healing to assist people with dementia, cancer, mental and learning difficulties.