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Meditation 4all is Meditation community in Leicester, UK. We also serve the world with our vision through Youtube, our Website, online courses and personal therapies. Our group classes and services are open to all regardless of race, background, age or beliefs.

We are committed to making ancient meditation practices available, practical and accessible to our dedicated students. We aim to share and guide our students through the techniques and philosophies of meditation, in a clear and concise way. We also run a range of easily accessible courses and group meetings to meet the needs of our diverse users.

We aim to help people effectively use meditation and alternative therapies to promote inner well being at the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Meditation is nothing but discovering the depths of who you are!

Group Meditation

Monthly Tuesday Meditation Class

Tuesday evening classes consist of a guided meditation which is a blend of Gong Meditation, mindfulness of breath meditation, third eye meditation, and contemplation into one’s true nature. These sessions are open to beginners and advanced practitioners.

Monthly Meditation Series Class

Saturday afternoon classes consists of our Meditation Series Class, here we will cover alternative topics each month. These classes range from
mindfulness meditation, chakra meditations, sound meditation, mantra meditation, yogic meditation, contemplation and much more. You are welcome to come to any of the sessions which interest you. See our events page to find out upcoming dates and more information on the class topic.

Workshops & Day Retreats

We aim to create new workshops covering a range meditation techniques. It is our intention to make a variety of techniques accessible
to our users in a practical and accessible way. We will hold Chakra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Sound Meditation Courses, Yoga Philosophy and many other workshops available to our users. These courses range from 2 hour to 1-2 days courses. Please visit our events page to see upcoming workshops. Some of these workshop are also available as a online course, please see our online store.

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Group Meditation

Our most popular event is our Sound baths. Our Sound Baths are unique as they also include a blend of guided meditation to further deepen the process.

Experience the power of sound for relaxation, meditation and healing. Be immersed in the ancient sounds of Gongs, Singing Bowls, Drumming, Stringed Instruments, Wind Chimes & More..

This is a experience not to be missed. 

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Online Courses

We run a range of online and group courses for our dedicated students. These courses range from Mindfulness meditation, Yoga and Meditation, Contemplative Philosophy, Sound Therapy, Reiki and alternative therapies. We aim to provide high quality and in depth course content which is presented in a concise and practical way. These courses will guide you wherever you are to deepen into your own spiritual process.

Online Shop

We are expanding our services to provide high quality instruments, crystals, jewellery and other items for holistic therapies. We provide handmade Singing bowls from Nepal which are available individually, as a custom set or through wholesale. We also have a range of Guided Meditations and Sound Meditation CD’s for sale. We aim to provide high quality items at an affordable price. 10 % of all sales on our website go towards supporting our Charity work.

Our Charity Work

Our aim is to share the benefits of meditation and sound healing with parts of the community who may find it beneficial, but have difficulty in accessing such services. We are looking to run taster sessions for care homes, end of life care, users with Dementia, users with learning and physical disabilities, schools and in other settings. 10% of all sales on our website go towards supporting our
charity work.

Our Future Vision

Our vision is to create a sacred space where people can receive the benefits of Meditation and Holistic therapies, through our group meetings, workshops, courses and personal therapies. It is our intention for people to use this space to assist in their own path of healing and self discovery. We currently run our group meditations and sound therapy sessions in hired rooms in Leicester (UK). We intend to create a dedicated Meditation and Healing Centre in Leicester (UK) to run our groups and workshops from. This centre will be created as a sacred space which will support and amplify the users spiritual journey. We first wish to rent a suitable community hall to run meditation and therapy services from. Our long term vision is to create a pyramid shaped meditation hall which will help amplify the benefits of meditation and holistic therapies. We wish to purchase a plot of land to create 3 Pyramid structures, one as a Meditation hall, one for holistic therapies and one as a School. Our vision will also be shared widely online through our website, online courses, Youtube, Blogging, discussion forums and our Facebook page. We also will be available for personal therapies through video calling.


Inspired to share meditation to all

We intend to assist people in learning the science of
meditation in a simple way which can be integrated into your daily life..

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