About the founder

Hi, my name is Priyesh Katariya and I live in Leicester, UK. My intention is to share meditational practices with others and to create a supportive space for self- inquiry. I also offer one to one meditation guidance, sound therapy, life/spiritual coaching and energy healing (reiki) sessions.

  1. This space will allow others to learn about meditational practices and healing modalities and how it can be used to discover oneself.
  2. This space will allow others to share meditational practices, experiences, and insights.
  3. This space will allow for discussions into life, spirituality and self inquiry.

A bit about the story of Priyesh;

I have been practicing meditation consciously for 8 years. I say consciously, as we all experience a state of meditation or awareness during our normal lives. Meditation practice just brings our attention back onto ourselves, resting as the innate existence and awareness itself. I have practiced many techniques of meditation,  many of which I will be sharing on this site. These meditational practices brought the light of attention back onto myself, penetrating through layers of relativity, reflecting the abiding nature of existence.

 Living life from a place of intuition, presence and awareness. All experiences and the sense of individuality come and go within this existential presence and pervading awareness.

I have created this group as I feel intuitively compelled to do so. This creative impulse of life within this body-mind is expressing itself in this way. I see meditation/self-inquiry as a tool to help us discover ourselves and thus live a life filled with reverence for life, creative intelligence and awareness. Sharing our presence with others, changing the world.

I do not regard myself as a teacher. However, I may take on the role as a teacher to guide beginners into meditation. Roles that we play in life, nothing but temporary costumes in this drama of life. I am no more/less than you, just a mere friend or traveller in this infinite play.

I am a qualified sound therapist with the colour of sound institute, hold level 3 and am a teacher of Reiki, hold a spiritual life coaching diploma with the holistic healing college(London) and am a assistant yoga teacher with pyp patanjali yoga. I have been running a meditation group in Leicester for the past 3 years and have a experience in the alternative healing field. I have full public liability insurance held with holistic Gold.

I am happy to answer questions or queries. Please feel free to contact me on meditation4all@live.co.uk . Thank you for your time and energy.


15 thoughts on “About the founder

    1. Hi, I feel Inspired to take the role of teaching meditation. To share these deep insights to others, so that they may come to their own Discovery! However, this role is just another role that we play in this cosmic drama! Knowing this their is natural humility. Thank you for your comments. Let us share this one truth. 🙂

  1. Teena Tailor

    Priyesh I am so proud of you and the path you have chosen – it suits you well! I can’t wait to attend your sessions and ensuring it becomes a part of my life. Love’n’Light bro. Teena x

    1. You could so that knowing is everpresent and is discovered beyond time in the now…as oneself..with regards to time there has been a process of falling away of misidentification of who I think I am and of certain tendencies. This all occurring within awareness, within oneself..this recognition ever the same..no matter what stories play out on a relative level of body-mind.

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