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Group Events

We regularly run sound baths and guided meditations at Yoga studios, Well being events, corporate offices, nurseries and schools. These can range from one off events to weekly/monthly sessions. Our Sound Bath events are very popular with yoga studio’s and therapist who want to integrate sound healing into their classes and workshops. Sessions are runs in and around Leicestershire, UK. However, we do travel around the UK on some occasions. 


Personal Therapies

One to One sessions are highly focused therapy and introspective sessions to take you deeper into yourself. These sessions will allow for a natural healing and recognition to take place within yourself in a safe and comfortable space. These sessions will flow naturally from an intuitive space held by myself.

Before your booking we will have a telephone/email consultation to find out what your needs and intentions for the session are and what type of therapy would be best for you. Sessions can also include a mix of different therapies.

I am a qualified sound therapist with the colour of sound institute, hold level 3 and am a teacher of Reiki, hold a spiritual life coaching diploma with the holistic healing college(London) and am a assistant yoga teacher with pyp patanjali yoga. I have been running a meditation group in Leicester for the past 8 years and have a experience in the alternative healing field. I have full public liability insurance held with holistic Gold.

One  to One sessions can be held from the comfort of your own home or at a hired therapy room. We also offer worldwide personal therapies through skype. 


Sound Healing

One to one sound therapy sessions are a meditative/healing journey using the sounds of crystal singing bowls, gongs, drumming and stringed instruments. These meditative sounds will automatically relax your body and mind and allow yourself to go on a deep healing journey. The choice of instruments will be individually catered to your own practice and intentions.

Sound therapy is a wonderful way to be introduced to the alternative healing and meditative states without an effort on your part. Simply relax and listen to the healing sounds created.


One to one meditation sessions are guided meditation sessions individually catered to your own practice and intentions. Different meditation techniques can be explored to deepen and integrate meditation into your daily life. These sessions can be used to strengthen and support your existing practice or to help beginners to start with a solid foundation in meditation practices.

We can also offer mentorship and guidance to support your own meditation practice. This usually involves a longer term of support via emails, phone and webchat. CONTACT US FOR A PERSONAL QUOTE

Reiki/ Reiki Courses/ Energy Healing

Energy healing is based upon the principle that everything is one energy which seems to appear in many different forms. Our body, minds and world are nothing but this one energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing developed by a man names Usui. This involves the client lying down or sitting on a chair. Hands can be placed on the client or done completely without touch (depending on the client). The practitioner becomes a conduit for this universal energy and allows for a healing space for the clients own energy system to balance and shift at the body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels.

This therapy can also be used with sound therapy and makes the healing space energetically potent. I am also available to offer group reiki healings and to teach reiki/energy healing. Distant healing is also available. CONTACT US FOR A PERSONAL QUOTE

Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual mentorship will look at delving into your own spiritual journey and offering you the space for deeper healing and spiritual insights to take place. This is a highly individualised therapy session and will involve many healing modalities to help support and open up deeper spiritual recognitions to take place within yourself. Ideally this is a long term therapy which can have profound impacts on your life. This will need a level of maturity and openness from the client. This can also be done by email/Skype internationally. CONTACT US FOR A PERSONAL QUOTE