Awareness Remains

Breathing In,

Breathing out,

Breathing occuring within awareness.

Attention grasping and fixing onto some experience,

 and then moving once again within awareness.

Sensations arising, staying for some time and then passing within  awareness.

Thoughts arising, staying for some time and then passing within awareness.

Emotions arising, staying for some time and then passing within awareness.

Feelings of unpleasantness, pleasantness or a neutral feeling associated with experiences occuring within awareness.

Identification and reaction to experiences, occuring within awareness.

All sense of experiences and mental processes arising, staying for some time and passing within awareness.

In this moment, there is awareness..

Is there a seperate person who is aware of these experience?   If so, who is aware of this one also?

OR is there just an indefinable, boundless AWARENESS  effortlessly present in the HERE and NOW….

AWARENESS REMAINS .. The nonmenon in which all phenomenon arises and passes within….The changeless essence in which all change arises and passes within…

Awareness RECOGNISING itself, SELF-REFLECTING itself…..In this MOMENT!


Contemplation on Seeking

What are we searching for in life?

 What are we seeking by fulfilling our desires?

Is what we seeking materially and spiritually one and the same?

 Is what we seeking causeless, everlasting joy and love?

Are we seeking our very self?

If we drop the seeking, what remains?

Meditation using music

Listening to music, become immersed to all the melodies of the music.

Once the music ends, feel the silence that is present.

Now once again listening to music, feel the silence that surrounds and permeates the melodies.

So in life be totally immersed whilst simultaneously experiencing the inner silence that permeates thoughts, actions and the outer experience of the world!

Thus realize the silence of oneself!