I AM Meditation



This intuitive sense of “I”, is the sense that we feel and know that we are existing in this moment. In this moment, we know we are existing, beyond labels that “I am this or I am that”. This sense of existence, aliveness, Iness,  beingness, presence is always present. However, we usually associate this with our self-images, memories, experiences, expectations, thoughts, sensations, emotions, attention, and intentions.These may be relative aspects of who we are, but here we are turning our attention back onto the essence of who we are. Here, the attention rests in the underlying existence which is not separate from life. It is life itself. You are life itself.


  1. In this moment, rest your attention into this intuitive feeling and knowing that you are existing, you are alive, the sense that I AM . Just simply being, unassociated presence, present in this moment.
  2. Feel and know you are life itself, living in this moment. Feel and know you are existence itself, existing in this moment. Intuitively feel this. Intuitively know this. If you find it difficult to come to the direct feeling of one’s existence then mentally repeat statements such as “I AM”, “I AM existing”, “I AM present here and now”, “I AM that I AM”, “ I AM life itself”, “ beyond I am this or that, I simply AM”.  Repeating these mental affirmations will help to bring one’s attention to the natural feeling of existing. This natural feeling is not a thought, but a feeling which we all intuitively feel and know. Once your attention is resting in this natural feeling and knowingness, you can drop the mental affirmations and just stay with the feeling connection.
  3. If your attention moves to objects such as sounds, thoughts, bodily sensations, or emotions. Recognize that your attention has moved to some experience.  See all experiences come and go within awareness.  Then bring your attention back to the intuitive feeling and knowing that you exist, that I AM. You may be aware of thoughts arising that “I am this” or “I am that”, just watch these thoughts of who you think you are, they are just thoughts, see them come and go in your awareness. Just feel the sense of your unassociated being. Simply be. You are life existing here and now.
  4. Keep bringing your attention back to this unassociated sense of existing, in the present moment. Rest in this natural state of being, either through the direct feeling connection or through mental affirmations. Rest your attention, in this sense of existence or I AM which is ever present. Recognise that you are existence itself.


As your practice deepens, It doesn’t matter where your attention may be or whatever experience you may be aware of, you still ARE. You are still You. I AM THAT I AM.

This is something simple, something obvious but easily overlooked. This is because our attention easily grasps and moves onto experiences occurring within the five outer senses, thoughts, bodily sensation, emotions, and states of mind. We find ourselves unconsciously identifying, getting caught up in and reacting to these experiences. We feel that we are these experiences and so we feel separate from everything else. Here all the struggle, conflict, effort and suffering enter into life. Truly, all experiences come and go in the natural presence and awareness of who you are. This presence and awareness always IS, IS never lost.


3 thoughts on “I AM Meditation

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  2. Norman

    I love this meditation!
    Thankyou so much for providing it. Is there a way for me to download an mp3 or other digital version? I would like to be able to listen to it without having to stream it. This way I can take it out into nature for a more complete meditation experience. Thankyou, namaste!

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