Awareness Meditation

Awareness is the essence of meditation.

Awareness is present in each moment.

Awareness is meditation.

In this section, I will be posting techniques in which recognizing the underlying awareness, is the key. These techniques can be categorized in 4 different stages, which all start, happen in and end in awareness. They are categorized in different stages as the object of attention varies.

The four categories of awareness meditations include;

  1. Directing your attention onto the objects of your experience      (initially the breath) and witnessing these experiences come and go within awareness.
  2. Resting your attention in the intuitive feeling and knowing that      you are existing, the sense of “I AM”, presence or beingness.
  3. Resting the attention in awareness itself.
  4. Just awareness (This is not a stage but recognizing our innate      natural abiding awareness). Attention may move wherever it may like. The movement of attention occurs within awareness. All experience occurs within awareness. The sense of existing or “I AM” occurs within awareness. Awareness just IS.

Awareness Meditation

It is advisable for beginners to start with the awareness of breathing meditation and then move onto other meditations as your concentration and self-awareness develops. Awareness of breathing could also be used initially before starting other meditations or be used exclusively.

Below are the links to the different meditation techniques included in Awareness meditation;

1. Awareness of breathing meditation guidelines – also see   Guided meditation on youtube

2. Awareness of body sensations meditation guidelines

3. Awareness of feelings meditation guidelines  

4. Awareness of mental contents and mental states guidelines

I Am Meditation

This guided meditations, brings ones attention back onto the intuitive feeling and knowing that we exist, onto the sense of “I” . This is something simple, something obvious but easily overlooked.

See I AM meditation page

See guided meditation on youtube

Resting as Awareness itself

In this self-inquiry, we rest our attention into this natural and ever present awareness or perception itself. This leads to recognising that in essence, we are the awareness itself. The sense of being an individual “I”, separate from the whole also occurs within awareness itself. Awareness Is, changeless, without any definition.

See Resting as awareness meditation page

Practicing in daily life

Practicing these techniques during our daily life is what will lead us to deeper insights about ourselves. Initially, sincere effort and constant investigation is required to move from unconscious tendencies to the effortless state of being and awareness. Through practice we become self-aware of many aspects of ourselves, recognising deeper truths through insight. Insight paves the way toward living life from a place of truth and wisdom.

See practice in daily life page



4 thoughts on “Awareness Meditation

    1. maybe this way of expressing that same truth is what helps to reveal itself uniquely to you. This contemplation of what is it that is aware, to the very sense of seeing itself..helps to reveal this knowing of our essential and when it happens is subjective. Some people will read this and be utterly confused. 🙂 It has been nice to speak to you through these posts. If you want to chat, you can always email me on or facebook

  1. i know exactly what you are saying. and at other points of time, i would not have gotten it the way it is gotten now. the recognition is there now. whatever is happening, this “method” is perfect for awareness to see itself from this perspective where i am now. thanks for the email/facebook info. i will be in touch 🙂

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