Resting as awareness

In the other meditational practices, we  direct our attention to some  aspect of our experience and witness these experiences. This could be  consciously directing  our attention to our breathing, body sensations, feelings,  thoughts and mental states.

In previous practices, we are aware of something rather than  resting our attention in  the naturally present awareness or perception itself. Meditational practices which take the awareness, perception, witness or seer as the object of attention itself, require a 180 degree turn of attention onto  itself. This brings us directly to the essence of who we are, the awareness itself.

Awareness  aware of itself is nothing but our attention not moving outwards onto objects and instead resting into the natural ever present awareness.

 Our attention may then move to objects or rest in awareness itself. There is recognition that we are the naturally present awareness itself. We are not our attention or  the objects of experiences which our attention grasps onto.  We are the awareness in which all this happens and which is just aware.


Awareness itself – awareness or perception is naturally present in each moment. All conscious and unconscious awareness occurs within this boundless awareness itself. All experience occurs within awareness, all phenomena occurs within this awareness. Without this substratum of awareness or perception, there could be no sense of experience.

In this self-inquiry, we rest our attention into this natural and ever present awareness or perception itself. This leads to recognising that in essence, we are the awareness itself. The sense of being an individual “I”, separate from the whole also occurs within awareness itself. Awareness Is, changeless, without any definition.

Initially, we intentionally bring our attention back to this formless awareness. However, our attention will naturally move and grasp onto experiences. We may feel that we lose this boundless awareness as we identify with some phenomena, thus localising this awareness. Through insight we recognise that the movement of attention, experiences, identification and the sense of a separate “I”, all occur within this boundless awareness. Remaining as the awareness itself, no matter what the present moment experience may be. Awareness is the changeless substratum in which all change arises and passes within. Just Be. Just Aware.


  1. In this moment, bring your attention to this sense of just being aware. Not being aware of something. But just the awareness, looking, seeing, or perceiving itself, present in this moment. Just aware.
  2. If your attention moves to some experience, bring your attention back to this formless and boundless awareness itself. Awareness present in this moment. Keep resting your attention in the awareness itself.
  3. Through insight one recognises that in essence, one is the awareness itself. All experiences (stimuli from the five senses, thoughts, sensations etc.) may come and go within this awareness. The sense of individuality also occurs within awareness itself. This sense of unassociated existence or beingness also occurs within awareness itself.

Recognise this boundless awareness is ever-present. Experiences may arise and pass. Identification and reaction to experiences may arise and pass. The sense of individuality may arise and pass. The sense of oneness may arise and pass. Everything can arise and pass within this awareness, this awareness is the essence of who you are. Look deeply and see for yourself, who is the one seeing.

The I AM technique brings our attention back to the feeling and knowing that we exist, the sense of I AM that is present within all of us. Click here for further instruction and a guided meditation video.

I will be updating this page with further information and meditations such as who am I?, not this (neti neti) meditation and other techniques to bring our attention back onto awareness itself.


9 thoughts on “Resting as awareness

  1. Allen Wilson

    Thank you for such a great article. It speaks directly to a question I am trying to answer.

    Regarding your statement “In this moment, bring your attention to this sense of just being aware. Not being aware of something. But just the awareness, looking, seeing, or perceiving itself, present in this moment. Just aware.”

    When I do this, I immediately sense what I would call is the individual “I” who is aware. In this state, sounds,feelings,etc. are experienced, but I give more attention to that which is aware of the sounds, feelings, etc. than the actual manifestations.

    My question is this: Is this the intended state that I should remain in or is there another state that I should be bringing my awareness/attention too?

    I got the impression reading this article that I need to find a state which isn’t perceived as an individual “I”, and if that’s the case, I cannot seem to find that state and would love it if you could provide some guidance in how I might achieve that.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the great question. What I am pointing to is subtle. You say that you are are of the individual “I” which is aware. Who is aware of the indivdual “I”? What recognizes this individual “I”? Is this nothing but awareness itself? Does this awareness have any name or form . Ot is everything perceived in this awareness? Is this awareness something you have to cultivate or is just naturally there?:only now that recognition that you are just pure awareness has taken place. The attention has rested in that recognition.

      Yes, the intention will move to the sense of presence, to the sense of individuality to thoughts feelings and the outer senses. But, is this all happening within this undefined pure awareness. Are you seperate from that awareness? Or that itself.?

      Keep reading this message and anyone else who stubbles accross this message and it will lead you directly to that realisation. Let these questions lead your attention inwardly to that direct recognition of pure awareness itself and everything just a manifestion within awareness

  2. Allen Wilson

    Thank you.

    Following your response, I can sense a subtle difference between what I would describe as a focused, body-centered “I”, and a more relaxed, expanded “I”. I experience both as what I would refer to as myself, but the latter feels less personal (though still personal/familiar) and more spacious.

    If it weren’t for the sense of “I” still pervading the latter state, I would think (and had thought) it is the state I should be aiming for and ultimately residing in. But it’s still present, making me think I haven’t found the true state of awareness yet – my natural state yet.

    Thanks again for your insight, and for sharing!

  3. Hi,
    You are aware of the body centered “I” and the expanded “I”. There is awareness of both of these states. Let the attention rest in just this sense of being aware. Its not something you have to try to do, its somethings that just relaxes within us at anytime. There not much else to be said, but the more you follow the pointers, the more the intellect and attention settle into the natural state of awareness, which always IS. It is just the movement of attention and your identification with the attention as yourself which makes you feel you are far from the truth.

    Also, I is personal and also impersonal. They are all aspects of yourself and yet you are beyond any definition the intellect can label you as. You as a identity, individual has to disappear, dissolve into this recognition and natural state. But, still the identity can function in day to day life..It is all but a play within oneself.

    The intellect also has to be dropped at some point. This is where the sense of surrender into oneself, into the unknown makes this recognition integrated and not just a mental intellectual discussion. It is something felt , intuitively known beyond words or descriptions. This is where devotional spiritual practices can help.

    Thanks for allowing me to share.

  4. helpaieee

    hi you also talk about previous practices.Those practices related to this practice?Can i take this article as independent of anything and just let this practice happen?

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