New Year New You Intention & Law Of Attraction Sound Therapy

04:20 – Guided Meditation 09:40 – Drum Meditation – releasing Limitations 16:50 Gong Meditation – Releasing Limitations to 25:30 Entering a space of clarity/presence 29:30 Being Inspired, Crystal Bowl & Crown Chakra Meditation 34:40 Third Eye Chakra _ Visualising Your Intention 38:20 Throat Chakra – Communicating Your Intention 40:32 Heart Chakra – Infusing Intention With Love And Joy/ Expanding Intention From the Heart 42:50 Solar Plexus Chakra – Empowering Inner Confidence And Power/ Acting On Intention 44:40 Sacral Chakra _ Creative Energy 47:20 Root Chakra – Grounding Intention Into Physical Reality. 51:38 End Process 54:15 Our New Human By Nature Clothing Brand AD , Yoga , Meditation Vegan Spiritual Clothing, Mugs, Gemstones & Accessories. LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES FOR THE BEST BINAURAL SOUND EXPERIENCE. Experience 54 Mins of a sound gong bath meditation with guided meditation, Gongs, singing bowls, wind chimes and more. This sound experience is divided into three stages, 1.removing limiting beliefs 2. Entering a space of clarity 3. Setting Intention and Anchoring our intention through the Chakras. Activating the law of attraction SUBSCRIBE & CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL – New Videos each week and a free live streamed sound bath each week. Subscribe to our channel for new updates. Also, Join our meetup group for live events in the UK and also online sound baths, meditation and workshops for our international viewers. We also provide 121 therapy online and in person offering sound therapy, meditation mentorship, spiritual counselling and reiki. Contact us for more information. Also, check out out clothing brand at;

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