One to One Self Inquiry & Dialogue Sessions

This is for individuals and groups who wish to sincerely investigate who they truly are. In this dialogue, we will look into the common assumptions and beliefs of who we think we are as a person. Through this self inquiry we will start to look through these misidentifications and allow our natural essential self to be recognised. The dialogue held will be a spontaneous and intuitive sharing, based upon seeing who we are for ourselves. I will just offer my presence as a guide to help focus the attention back onto oneself and to offer a space for this process to happen.

I offer these contemplations at the end of the group meditations also. However, I have decided to open myself to working with individuals who wish to look deeper into the nature of who they are. I see that meditation techniques can only allow us to create a supportative space for this natural and spontaneous recognition of who we truly are. Investigation and self inquiry on a one to one basis is very powerful in revealing strategies of our own “ego” or “self-image” which cloud the recognition of our essential self.

These dialogues can be done one to one or with a group upon request. If you are interested then we can arrange a suitable time and place to meet.  This type of self inquiry can also be done through Email, Skype, etc. Please email or call me to arrange such a meet up (Email: or add us on Skype at Meditation4all .

A simple investigation into who am I?

Are you a thought? Are you a belief? Are you desire? Are you an experience which is changing in nature? Are you a personality? What is aware of all these aspects of experience? Who is aware? What is aware? Who is present? Is this presence you? Who are you? Are you another object of perception? Are you definable? Are you Changing? Who are you?

In the other meditational practices, we  direct our attention to some  aspect of our experience and witness these experiences. This could be  consciously directing  our attention to our breathing, sound, bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts and mental states.

In previous practices, we are aware of something rather than resting our attention in  the naturally present awareness or perception itself. Meditational practices which take the awareness, perception, witness or seer as the object of attention itself, require a 180 degree turn of attention onto itself. This brings us directly to the essence of who we are, the awareness/presence/life itself. This is a spontaneous and intuitive recognition. Who you are is already present as this moment itself, as this presence/awareness which in not definable as another object of perception. You just are. All other notions of “who you are”, of persona etc are just aspects/forms which transiently play within your presence as a movement of life’s expression. In this recognition we can see through the boundaries our identity creates and SEE ourselves as the very sense of SEEING itself.


In this moment, bring your attention to this sense of just being aware. Not being aware of something. But just the awareness, looking, seeing, or perceiving itself, present in this moment. Just aware.

If your attention moves to some experience, bring your attention back to this formless and boundless awareness itself. Awareness present in this moment. Keep resting your attention in the awareness itself.

Through insight one recognises that in essence, one is the awareness itself. All experiences (stimuli from the five senses, thoughts, sensations etc.) may come and go within this awareness. The sense of individuality also occurs within awareness itself. This sense of unassociated existence or beingness also occurs within awareness itself.

Recognise this boundless awareness is ever-present. Experiences may arise and pass. Identification and reaction to experiences may arise and pass. The sense of individuality may arise and pass. The sense of oneness may arise and pass. Everything can arise and pass within this awareness, this awareness is the essence of who you are. Look deeply and see for yourself, who is the one seeing.

Also, see the I am guided meditation video which may assist in this self inquiry.

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Skype: Meditation4all


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