Other Meditation Practices

This space will be used to share different meditation techniques. I will be uploading different techniques onto here. This space is also available for others to upload any meditation techniques which they wish to share. Please email me at; meditation4all@live.co.uk, if you would like to upload any meditations onto this site.

I will be sharing information regarding meditation by other teachers and also guided meditations from youtube. I feel that others work in this area should also be supported and promoted. The intention being one and the same, to share the light, wisdom, and peace of our innate universal self. To discover our essence!

Below are the basic relaxation and awareness meditation techniques which i will be sharing at the group sessions. I have included links to the guided meditations which are on youtube.

Relaxation Exercises

Inner smile is a technique where we physically and mentally smile, extending this smile to all parts of our bodies to release tensions and establish one’s mind and body in tranquility. This technique could be used initially before starting other techniques, during other meditations when there is a lack of focus or build up of tensions, or used exclusively.

See the Inner smile meditation guidelines – Guided meditation on youtube

Awareness Meditation

It is advisable for beginners to start with awareness of breathing meditation and then move onto other meditations as your concentration builds. Awareness of breathing could also be used initially before starting other meditations or used exclusively.

Below are the links to the different meditation techniques included in Awareness meditation;

1. Awareness of breathing meditation guidelines   Guided meditation on youtube

2. Awareness of body sensations meditation guidelines 

3. Awareness of feelings meditation guidelines  

4. Awareness of mental contents and mental states guidelines

I Am Meditation

This guided meditations, brings ones attention back onto the intuitive feeling and knowing that we exist, onto the sense of “I” . This is something simple, something obvious but easily overlooked.

See I AM meditation page

See guided meditation on youtube


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