Grandfather’s Funeral Service Speech 19.11.13

Here is a little somethings that i read at my grandfather funeral service. I felt that i would like to share it, so here it is;


Life continues,

Just changes form,

you are never gone,

only transformed.


As the Sadness dissolves,

and the emptiness dawns,

realise the “you” which is never born.



Take a break break,

and have a kit kat,

the only moment is NOW,

that happiness is ever born.


My Grandfather’s favourite chocolate was a kit kat. So next time you have one,

take a break;


and send him your prayers and well wishes on his onward journey.Sending them healing prayers and goodwill to all your loved ones present or departed. And most importantly sending them healing prayers to ourselves for our own healing.

Knowing that nothing is never separate from a heart which is full of LOVE. 🙂




I AM LIFE expressing itself.

I AM LIFE expressing itself in whatever form it is inspired to take in this moment.

There is no other “NOW”. There is only ONE LIFE.


(reflecting itself, within itself)

Meditation using music

Listening to music, become immersed to all the melodies of the music.

Once the music ends, feel the silence that is present.

Now once again listening to music, feel the silence that surrounds and permeates the melodies.

So in life be totally immersed whilst simultaneously experiencing the inner silence that permeates thoughts, actions and the outer experience of the world!

Thus realize the silence of oneself!