Roots of Inspiration




Show it’s possible,

making the impossible,



Build your empire,

on the roots which inspire,

taking people higher,

Living Inspired.


This is something we can all do,

making life easier,

for ME and YOU!




Awareness Remains

Breathing In,

Breathing out,

Breathing occuring within awareness.

Attention grasping and fixing onto some experience,

 and then moving once again within awareness.

Sensations arising, staying for some time and then passing within  awareness.

Thoughts arising, staying for some time and then passing within awareness.

Emotions arising, staying for some time and then passing within awareness.

Feelings of unpleasantness, pleasantness or a neutral feeling associated with experiences occuring within awareness.

Identification and reaction to experiences, occuring within awareness.

All sense of experiences and mental processes arising, staying for some time and passing within awareness.

In this moment, there is awareness..

Is there a seperate person who is aware of these experience?   If so, who is aware of this one also?

OR is there just an indefinable, boundless AWARENESS  effortlessly present in the HERE and NOW….

AWARENESS REMAINS .. The nonmenon in which all phenomenon arises and passes within….The changeless essence in which all change arises and passes within…

Awareness RECOGNISING itself, SELF-REFLECTING itself…..In this MOMENT!

Relationships built in oneness

Being with a person you know or a complete stranger, drop all projections and expectations you have about them. If you notice any of your projections of that person and expectations about them based on past experiences, then LET THEM GO. Now just be with them without no projection of who they are and without expectations. Each time you notice a projection, judgment, or expectation about that person, LET IT GO…..Just being with them in openess and receptivity, see is there really a seperate “you” and “other”???

Allowing individuality to dissolve into aware presence…the oneness present in this moment.

Just Be.

This can be done with any object, a tree, flower, table, moon, whatever you like!

I Am Guided Meditation Video


YOU ARE AWARENESS – This is the last part of the I AM meditation, resting as the awareness itself.

This meditation is nothing more than resting your attention in the feeling and knowing that you exist in this present moment. You know that in this moment you exist, that you are .This sense of “I AM” is always present. Initially, you practice bringing your attention back to this sense of existing whenever the attention wanders and grasps onto experience. As your practice deepens, It doesn’t matter where your attention may be or whatever experience you may be aware of, you still ARE. You are still You. I AM THAT I AM.

This is something simple, something obvious but easily overlooked. This is because our attention easily grasps and moves onto experiences occurring within the five outer senses, thoughts, bodily sensation, emotions, and states of mind. We find ourselves unconsciously identifying, getting caught up in and reacting to these experiences. We feel that we are these experiences and so we feel separate from everything else. Here all the struggle, conflict, effort and suffering enter into life. Truly, all experiences come and go in the natural presence and awareness of who you are. This presence and awareness always IS, IS never lost.