Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are endless and reach every dimension of who we are. There are the initial physical benefits such as relaxation of the body, which in turn releases the tensions in the mind. Meditation has been scientifically tested to decrease stress levels by many leading universities and other institutions.

Meditation has been shown to alter our brain waves and change the neuron connections within our brain. It can be used to remove deep seated-habits and nurture positive habits. As you go deeper in meditation, you find many physiological and psychological changes taking place over time. One of the most recognizable mental benefits of meditation is increased concentration. This increased concentration then creates a multitude of benefits in daily life. Concentration helps in all types of learning whether you are at school or at work. You learn the skill of being able to direct your attention in life and to penetrate into life’s mysteries.

You may practice meditation only to experience these benefits on a physical or mental level, but as you deepen your practice you see many more benefits in daily life.

Here are some of the other benefits of meditation:

  • You start paying full attention to your present moment experience.

  • Able to handle our emotional and mental states

  • The ups and down of life will have less of an impact on the clarity of  your mind.

  • Deepens your understanding of your thoughts, emotions, belief systems and underlying intentions.

  • Your sensory experiences become much richer.

  • You come into touch with your faculties of intuition and creativity.

  • You experience spontaneous moments of compassion, gratitude, unconditional love and oneness with all of existence.

  • The subtlest aspects of your experiences come into your attention.

  • Your relationship with nature becomes a deep communion.

  • Your relationships with people become much deeper and less superficial.

  • Our thoughts, speech and actions will be balanced and in line with each other.

  • You discover the deeper aspects of reality within yourself.

Meditation changes many layers of ourselves, which then naturally reflects to the people around us. We start living with a holistic perspective of life which starts affecting the psyche of people around us. In this way we reflect peace, harmony, love, balance, truth and wisdom outside on to others and to the collective consciousness.

May meditation be used as a tool to shine peace in the world!

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of Meditation

  1. Ramnik Soni

    Hi Priyesh
    It was a lucky strike on the internet that I discovered a very worthwhile project you have undertaken. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderfully presented, insightful project and may it produce lovely fruits.There is nothing like it, not only in Leicester but anywhere else!
    It will be a pleasure to meet up with you and exchange ideas. Hopefully I should be able to attend the next meditation session.

    Ramnik Soni

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